14. Investing in Talent Sustainability May Just Save Your Business – And Your People

A special crossover episode with our sister podcast, Office Baggage. As companies around the world cope with the ramifications of a global crisis, it’s more important than ever to ensure our company’s leaders and future leaders feel engaged and supported and have the tools necessary to future-proof your talent and succession strategy. There needs to be a massive shift in how we are training… Read More

13. Help! My Sustainability Report Sucks – 4 Pieces of Advice to Make It Better

For many CSR and sustainability professionals, we are entering the dreaded “reporting season.” For many of us, sustainability or CSR reports are one of the most important aspects of our roles. So why do we hate these processes so much? Why are they so frustrating and headache inducing? Today’s solocast from host Marcy Twete gives you four actionable pieces of advice that can help… Read More


12. Are ESG Leaders Naturally “Wired for Disruption”?

In today’s VUCA world (short for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), businesses around the world are asking what skills and traits are necessary for those leaders who will weather the storm well. What does it mean to be resilient during disruption? Today’s guest Henna Inam answers those questions and more in her new book “Wired for Disruption.” She highlights in our conversation five types… Read More


11. Your House Could Be “Green” or LEED Certified without Spending Millions

We’ve all probably heard about LEED Certified buildings, but mostly related to commercial buildings. Your home can also be LEED Certified. But most of us have some common misconceptions of so-called “green” homes – that they’re wildly expensive, that the process takes years of planning, that they’re out of reach for most of us. Our guest today, Aaron Stash, and his family, built a… Read More


10. Integrated Reporting 101 – A Lesson in Intangible Value and Its Relationship to ESG

In 2008, only 358 companies globally were producing a sustainability report in accordance with GRI standards. Today, more than 30,000 companies use the GRI framework globally. As sustainability reporting has grown these last 10 years, another like-minded framework has risen simultaneously – the notion of integrated reporting and more deeply integrated thinking. The founder of the U.S. Integrated Reporting Community, Mary Adams, joins Table… Read More


9. Until Justice Just Is – The Work of the Racial Justice League from the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this year spurred a national movement toward racial justice different than any in recent years. Months later, many of us are asking ourselves: “What now?” How can we continue to invest in racial justice, help to spur the much needed change in our society, and ensure those actions are catalytic rather than performative in nature? The… Read More


8. The Anatomy of a B Corp – More Than Just a Patagonia Rubber Stamp

Google “B Corp” and you’ll find: “Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.” But what does that really entail? We’re diving deep on B Corp certification with B Corp business owner Emily Lonigro of LimeRed. What is a B Corp? How does it work? And are there flaws in the B Corp system?


7. Sustainability in Jewelry – Making Your Purchasing Power Values-Based

For those invested in sustainability, we are often thinking about how our purchasing patterns are connected to our values. We know the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve had all the difficult conversations about “fast fashion.” But have we considered how some of the largest purchases of our lives – for instance, our wedding rings – are syncing with our values systems? Joined by… Read More


6. Navigating the Issues of Employment and Change Management During COVID-19 (in Partnership with Office Baggage Podcast)

Today’s episode is a special “crossover” between Table Stakes Podcast and Office Baggage Podcast. In the environment of COVID-19, the issues surrounding employment and change management are affecting everyone whether through layoffs, furloughs, working from home, or training and safety for essential employees. All of us are dealing with both macro and micro economic issues as we consider a return to work and continued… Read More

5. Sustainability-Based Decision Making in Travel with Wanderful’s Beth Santos

Joined by Beth Santos, the CEO of women’s travel platform, Wanderful, we are tackling the topic of responsible, sustainable travel. Safety for women, environmental sustainability, social impact, and many other key ESG topics in travel play directly into success for leaders in the travel industry. As all of us expand our horizons and travel the world, we have a duty to ensure our travel… Read More