12. Are ESG Leaders Naturally “Wired for Disruption”?

In today’s VUCA world (short for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), businesses around the world are asking what skills and traits are necessary for those leaders who will weather the storm well. What does it mean to be resilient during disruption? Today’s guest Henna Inam answers those questions and more in her new book “Wired for Disruption.” She highlights in our conversation five types of agility necessary for leaders to weather today’s storm and the storms of the future, and how ESG issues are at the forefront of the future of business and its ability to remain agile and resilient.

Our Guest Today:
Henna Inam

Henna Inam is an executive coach, global speaker and the author of the book Wired for Disruption. A 20-year veteran of Fortune 500 companies she has seen first-hand the pressures of leading in times of disruption. Her book details the five shifts in agility and 15 Agility Accelerators (tools and practices) to help activate our innate agility and be a force for good in times of disruption. Her neuroscience-based research shows that agility is already built into our DNA. In the book, she shares how these shifts are within our control and promote well-being to help us thrive in the future of work. Together, we can create workplaces and a world that work better for all. To get started, take Agility Quiz here.

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