28. Impact Reporting for Small Companies – 5 Reasons Why

Veerless recently released our first ever Impact Report. Aligned to the five areas of focus in the B Impact Assessment, our first annual report details the steps we have taken to achieve excellence in each of these areas in 2023. It also lays out our goals for 2024 in terms of certification and sustainability alignment in our business. But it wasn’t enough for us to release an Impact Report for our small business. We want to inspire other companies like us to do the same. Today’s podcast shares our 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Can and Should Produce an Impact Report.

Since Veerless began as Marcy Twete Consulting in 2019, we have been hands on in the development of our clients’ ESG/Sustainability/CR and Impact reports. Our team emphasizes the importance of transparency, openness, and clarity in reporting with every project we do for clients. Internally, we’ve “walked our talk” in transparency by becoming B Corp Certified in 2021. But something was missing – a report. B Corps are required to recertify their scores every three years, and we look forward to our recertification in 2024. But we also wanted to create a singular place for our stakeholders to see our impact at work. Our 2023 Veerless Impact Report takes that important step forward for our company and we hope it inspires others as well.

Check out the podcast as well as our gallery below and on social media about the “5 Reasons Why.” In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to share some of our favorite reports from fellow B Corps and small companies on social media. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for more.


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