10. Integrated Reporting 101 – A Lesson in Intangible Value and Its Relationship to ESG

In 2008, only 358 companies globally were producing a sustainability report in accordance with GRI standards. Today, more than 30,000 companies use the GRI framework globally. As sustainability reporting has grown these last 10 years, another like-minded framework has risen simultaneously – the notion of integrated reporting and more deeply integrated thinking. The founder of the U.S. Integrated Reporting Community, Mary Adams, joins Table Stakes to dive deep on integrated reporting – what is it, how does it work, what are the barriers to adoption and how is it different and similar to sustainability reporting?

Our Guest Today:
Mary Adams, Co-Founder, U.S. Integrated Reporting Community, Co-Author, Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization

Mary Adams is a consultant, speaker and practitioner of intangible capitalism which focuses on the long-term pursuit of both profits and prosperity.

Her current work is focused in three communities that she helped create: The Exit Planning Exchange that brings long-term thinking to the private company market. The Integrated Reporting U.S. Community that brings long-term thinking to public companies. And Smarter-Companies, a specialty consulting community that provides methodologies and tools to support intangible capitalism.

Mary is the co-author of Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization. Prior to starting her consulting firm in 1999, she spent 14 years as a high-risk lender in the U.S. and Latin America at Citicorp and Sanwa Business Credit. She received a BA Political Science from Rice University and a Master of International Management from the Thunderbird School (now part of Arizona State).

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