11. Your House Could Be “Green” or LEED Certified without Spending Millions

We’ve all probably heard about LEED Certified buildings, but mostly related to commercial buildings. Your home can also be LEED Certified. But most of us have some common misconceptions of so-called “green” homes – that they’re wildly expensive, that the process takes years of planning, that they’re out of reach for most of us. Our guest today, Aaron Stash, and his family, built a LEED Platinum home in the suburbs of Chicago – a home that continues to inspire his family to lead a more sustainable life. Tune in to see how this process might inspire you as well.

Our Guest Today:
Aaron Stash

In 2014, Aaron Stash and his wife, Jennifer, designed and built the first LEED Platinum certified home in his suburban Chicago community. This nearly Net Zero dwelling is powered by 39 solar panels, filled with every imaginable form of insulation and features the first residential use of the Build Equinox CERV ventilation system – which continuously monitors and filters indoor air quality. His innovative home has been featured on Chicago WGN TV, the Chicago GreenBuilt Home Tour and educational field trips.

His personal environmental passion helped Aaron transition from Communications to Environmental Sustainability at United Airlines where he developed the industry’s first hygiene kit recycling program with Clean the World – collecting unused items from amenity kits to benefit over 50,000 at-risk individuals – while diverting 60,000 pounds of waste from landfill. He also created the Raptor Relocation Network with Audubon International, a program that moves birds from airports to golf courses. This unique program has moved numerous American Kestrels – a threatened species in New Jersey – while preventing millions of dollars in aircraft damage.

Aaron continues to draw upon his communications and sustainability experience as a corporate sustainability spokesperson, mentor and leader. His family continues to enjoy living in their “science experiment” after six years.

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