17. Your 2021 Impact Plan to Create the World You Want with Author Tammy Tibbetts

We all want to have a positive impact on our communities and the world we live in. But it’s easy to get stuck on where to start and how to achieve our impact goals. In Impact: A Step-by-Step Plan to Create the World You Want to Live In, authors Tammy Tibbetts and Christen Brandt give readers a workbook for anyone who wants to reevaluate the impact they make in the world personally. You set a strategy for your financial life, your career, your family – you should have a strategy for your social impact as well. January is the perfect time of year to go through the steps in Christen and Tammy’s book and set your intentions and goals for 2021.

Our Guest Today:
Tammy Tibbetts, Author, Impact: A Step-by-Step Plan to Create the World You Want to Live In

Tammy Tibbetts is Co-Founder & CEO of She’s the First, a global nonprofit that teams up with local organizations to make sure girls are educated, respected, and heard. Today, She’s the First supports more than 9,500 girls in 11 countries and 200+ student advocacy chapters.

Tammy doesn’t believe in letting the world define your limits. Though she was voted “Most Shy” in her high school yearbook and felt the pressure of perfectionism for too long, she has become an advocate for blowing up the expectations society places on you and instead fearlessly exploring the potential hidden within.

In her role at She’s the First, Tammy has used that philosophy to become a multi-million dollar fundraising success and a brilliant connector while staying grounded in her life’s mission: unlocking the potential of girls and women. In November 2020, Tammy will publish her first book, Impact: A Step-by-Step Plan to Create the World You Want to Live In, co-authored with her STF co-founder, Christen Brandt (PublicAffairs).

As a first-generation college graduate from The College of New Jersey, Tammy had the idea for She’s the First while she was working at Hearst Magazines, as a pioneering web editor and Seventeen’s first social media editor.  She speaks regularly on entrepreneurship, including three TEDx talks. Tammy has been recognized for her leadership and global impact by Forbes 30 Under 30, Time 30 Under 30 World Changers, and Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business. She received a 2013 DVF Award from Diane von Furstenberg.

Tammy is a proud member of TCNJ’s Board of Trustees, with a voice and vote on strategy, budget, and mission fulfillment. She resides in Brooklyn with her husband and pup.

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