7. Sustainability in Jewelry – Making Your Purchasing Power Values-Based

For those invested in sustainability, we are often thinking about how our purchasing patterns are connected to our values. We know the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve had all the difficult conversations about “fast fashion.” But have we considered how some of the largest purchases of our lives – for instance, our wedding rings – are syncing with our values systems? Joined by gem expert and founder of All the Brilliants, Melissa Dusenberry joins the podcast to open our minds to the world of sustainably sourced, thoughtfully designed jewelry.

The future of fashion is circular. And as the world’s first art form, in many ways jewelry has always been circular.

Melissa Dusenberry, Founder and Creative Director, All The Brilliants

Our Guest Today:
Guest Name

Melissa Dusenberry is the founder of All The Brilliants, an e-commerce community of women who create thoughtfully designed jewelry.

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The list below details any key topics, issues, articles, notes mentioned in today’s show.

  • Background information that may be helpful in listening to this episode
    • The Kimberly Process – “The Kimberley Process (KP) is a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. Today, participants actively prevent 99.8% of the worldwide trade.”
    • GIA – the Gemological Institute of America – Melissa mentions research from an individual with their “GG” which is a Masters Level course in gemstones through GIA.
  • Initiatives we discussed in the show:
    • Gem Legacy – nonprofit supporting local mining communities

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