29. Choosing Carbon Offsets – A Controversial Earth Day Episode

Happy Earth Day! Today we’re tackling a subject that is often a little taboo in the sustainability space. And even in the last few weeks has caused major turmoil for our friends over at the Science-Based Targets Initiative. There’s a word in the sustainability space that, when spoken, often feels like one should look to the left and right to make sure no one hears them say……offsets. Veerless recently became Carbon Neutral Certified and Aclymate Leader Climate Certified. In this process, as a company with a small footprint, we went through the process to choose offsets twice. And we learned a lot. In today’s episode, we’re sharing our four-pronged approach to choosing carbon offsets for companies of any size and the offsets Veerless chose to offset our 2023 footprint.

To learn more about our process and recommendations for our clients, visit the Veerless blog and “The Sheet” edition – Choosing Offsets That Pass the BS Test.